WATCH: Karlie Kloss Tries To Talk On Today, Keeps Getting Interrupted

The Today Show enlisted the help of Karlie Kloss for Friday’s segment on fall’s hottest fashion trends. And why not? Kloss has been flexing her on-camera muscle hosting MTV’s House Of Style, walked plenty of major shows for fall 2012 (albeit only in Paris), and, at age 20, has already achieved veritable supermodel status (and we, unlike most, don’t use that term lightly).

For Karlie’s bit, the program has laid out a number of items representing some of the season’s biggest trends, many of which you may recognize from right here on Styleite! Namely: oxblood accessories, fashion-forward backpacks, snazzy iPhone cases, and, of course, the ubiquitous smokey eye.

After being introduced by host Natalie Morales, Kloss (wearing a pair of metallic jeans that we think we recognize from her Juicy Couture campaign) peppily offers some words about each of the items laid out on the table, but Morales really wants to talk, so much so that she cuts her guest off again, and again, and, yep, there she is again.

Watch the full clip below:

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