Kate Picks Wedding Dress Designer, Might Cover Bazaar

Just as we suspected back in December, it looks like our favorite future princess has tapped Bruce Oldfield to design her wedding dress. Or has she? A source tells People that Kate Middleton has settled on a designer, but that she and Prince William wish to keep said designer’s identity under wraps.

So why are we convinced Oldfield snagged the coveted job? Because British tabloid News of the World snapped some pics of Kate (with her mom and sister in tow) popping into his Knightsbridge boutique. The tab reports Kate and co. spent an hour and half at the store, meeting with Oldfield himself. Everyone’s lips are sealed (“It’s Miss Middleton’s intention to keep the dress a secret for her bridegroom on their wedding day, as is every bride’s prerogative,” said a royal spokesperson), but we are taking this as quite a hint. Looks like all those sketches were for naught.

But which glossy magazine will feature the princess first? The Kate cover speculation is almost as rampant as royal wedding dress speculation, and it seems as though Harper’s Bazaar is the front-runner. For one, the mag’s fashion features editor happens to be married to Camilla Bowles Parker‘s son. And then there’s this gem, courtesy of Glenda Bailey: “I’m very fortunate to be editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar and, as a result, have lots of people who want to be on the cover. We’re very, very fortunate to have some of the great Kates appear on our cover — Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett. Who knows the future?” What a tease!

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