Kate Middleton To Usher In A New Age Of Bared Knees

We’re as guilty of partaking in royal wedding fever as the next blog, but a recent article by Hilary Alexander of The Telegraph takes the nuptial obsession just a little too far.

According to Alexander, bride-to-be Kate Middleton is well on her way to pulling a Michelle Obama — which is to say, taking a formerly taboo body part and putting it on the map. Though arms are hardly a hidden commodity, Mrs. Obama’s decision to bare them on a consistent basis was a departure from the typical First Lady norm. But as much as we love Michelle (and her arms), we think this has less to do with tradition and more to do with her age. Which brings us to Middleton.

Alexander writes:

It can hardly have escaped any style sleuth’s attention that no matter what Middleton wears, her knees are almost always on show. Even when she is in her favourite, racy suede LK Bennett boots, her skirts are never of the demure, over-the-knee variety, but always cropped just short enough to display the soon-to-be-royal patellas.

Kate Middleton may have the most beautiful knees this side of the moon, but she’s not breaking from tradition in wearing skirts cut above her “soon-to-be-royal patellas”. She’s a 29 year old woman — and like most women under (and, honestly, over) the age of 40, she likes wearing skirts that don’t make her look like a wartime secretary. Middleton may as well usher in a new age of women with shoulder-length-or-longer hair. How very novel!

Anyway, luckily for Middleton, at least Alexander’s hypothesis is coming from a place of love:

The royal bride-to-be has every reason to be proud of [her knees], which show no hint of a bump or sag.

The royal knees in all their bravely bared glory!

[via The Telegraph]

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