PHOTOS: Kate Debuts A New And Risqué Outfit At The Olympics

Kate Middleton has mainly stuck to her Olympics uniform of Team GB tops, skinny jeans, and wedges. Today, she debuted a brand new outfit to cheer on her fellow countrywomen as they won the bronze medal in women’s field hockey — their first in 20 years.

Kate took a style cue from Queen Elizabeth and went for a monochromatic look — a low-cut tank, belt, and skirt. It was like 50 shades of white. Sorry, we had to get it out of our system. The all-white ensemble was great, and she wasn’t giving anyone an eyeful, but we suspect that was the most low-cut top we’ve seen the Duchess wear. Her outfits pre-Duchess don’t count.

Kate, who is quite the field hockey player herself, sat with Robin Cousins and an as-of-yet unidentified lady to watch the bronze medal match between Great Britain and New Zealand. Kate looked all sorts of tense during the game, and even played with her hair out of nervousness. When her country won and nabbed the bronze medal, she cheered and gave two thumbs waaay up.

See Kate’s outfit, and a evolution of her humorous facial expressions as she watches the match below. Someone’s going to turn these pics into gifs soon:

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