Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Is Kate Middleton pregnant?! The British tabloids sure think so. Let’s examine the “evidence”!

This past week Kate and Prince William visited a UNICEF aid center in Copenhagen, where the duchess reportedly kept touching her stomach. Also, people think her coat was a bit big. So, she’s DEF pregnant. The most “compelling” argument is that she declined to eat the peanut paste found in UNICEF packages. You see, pregnant ladies are discouraged from eating peanut products as it can cause their baby to develop allergies.

Explains the Daily Mail:

Kate was seen shooting Prince William a knowing look and grinning as she turned down the paste, intended for children hit by the East African famine. An aide confirmed: “There was no reason for her not tasting it, she does not have an allergy.”

Yeah, she’s totally pregnant! Or she just didn’t feel well. Or she doesn’t like peanuts. Or she’s punking us all.

UPDATE: Gossip Cop got the scoop! According to a royal source, “other than sit-down meals, she does not eat at such public events”. Why? Because it’s “considered not elegant”. Sad face.

[Daily Mail]

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