Is Prince William Getting Kate Middleton A Puppy For Christmas?

It’s Christmas eve and, if you’re celebrating, hopefully you’ve got all your presents purchased, wrapped, and squared away — because we’re all out of gift giving ideas. We aren’t, however, out of gift news, which is to say: let’s talk about what Princess Prettyhair Kate Middleton is getting from her princely hubby.

According Today reporter Stephanie Gosk , the Duchess of Cambridge is getting a puppy! This is the best news ever! Mainly because it gave us a great excuse to post a bunch of cute Corgi videos (they are the Queen’s favorite, after all.) But also because: puppies!

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This isn’t Kate’s first dog — or Will’s. In 2009, the pair gifted each other dogs as well; a black lab to Will and a black cocker spaniel for Kate.

And while we have no doubt that William is doing his puppy picking through an appropriately reputable breeder, we can’t help but point out that dogs (no matter how adorably toy-like they might look) are living, breathing animals and should be purchased (or better yet, adopted!) with care.

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And with our obligatory Holiday PSA out of the way, here you go: puppies!

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