Kate Chronicles Her South East Asia Trip With Never-Before-Seen Pics

Not only does Kate Middleton look great in photos, but she’s actually pretty great at taking them, too. She and Prince William relaunched their official website, and one of the first things they posted are pics of their recent South East Asia and South Pacific trip.

Kate wielded her own “pocket-sized digital camera” while she and Will visited jungles and rain forests and flew over palm oil plantations and mountains on their Diamond Jubilee trip in September. She even blogs about the pics in loving detail, like ”[I]n rare clearings, when the sunlight does shine through, it creates the most spectacular effect through the architectural structures of the trees and leaves”, also noting that one of her photos “does not even begin to give a sense of the size of these jungle giants, which are truly one of nature’s most awesome sights.”

Kate, you’re pretty awesome. Head on over to the Royals’ site for pics, and tell us if you think Kate’s got a photography career ahead of her.

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