Is The Photographer Who Took Topless Kate Pics Headed To Jail?

The photographer that took topless photos of Kate Middleton may have been able to hide out in the bushes far, far away from the chateau where the royal couple sunbathed while they snapped the shots, but it looks like they can’t hide from the law any longer.

UK papers The Daily Mail and The Mirror are reporting that not only has the offending paparazzi been identified, but French police are preparing to make an arrest.

The possible penalties for the breach of privacy include a year in prison and a fine of almost $58,000 at current exchange. If you’ll recall, Closer, the French tabloid that first published the photos back in September, was slapped with both criminal and civil lawsuits for their actions. Because of the country’s relatively strict privacy laws, the royal couple, along with their intrepid lawyer Aurélien Hamelle, were granted an injunction that prohibited further publication of the images. Alas, the photos were also published in gossip rags hailing from Ireland, Sweden, and Italy, as well as an extra-intrusive bottomless set in Danish mag Se Og Hor.

Buckingham Palace’s legal actions certainly look like they are going strong, however. Marie-Christine Daubigney, the public prosecutor in charge of the case against the photographer, confirmed to the Daily Mail that the lensman has indeed been tracked down: “This new information regarding the photographer will be passed on to investigating magistrates.”

In other words: it’s a bad day to be a creeper armed with loose morals and a telephoto lens….though, then again, when isn’t it?

[Daily Mail and Mirror]

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