Kate Goes Shopping At Topshop, Uses Rewards Cards To Pay For Things

Whoa, we weren’t kidding when we heralded the Return of the Duchess! Not only is there the whole Kate Middleton Vogue cover debate, we also got wind of the fact that Duchess Catherine went shopping at Topshop where she had “a huge handful of rewards card”. WHOA!

Okay, this is more endearing than mindblowing, but still! A blogger from Get What Kate Wore had the retail spotting of a lifetime (no, seriously, we would die) when she ended up behind Kate in line at the Topshop around the corner from Kensington Palace. She writes:

I can tell you exactly what she was wearing and exactly what she bought. I even saw her silver visa card she used and if I hadn’t been so starstruck I would be able to tell you her pin number to her visa card as I saw her entering her pin but did not register the numbers in my brian. That is how close I was. I also saw all her rewards cards (i.e. points cards) she carries, as she had to sift through them to find her visa card. Can you believe the future Queen of England carries a huge handful of rewards cards? I love you Kate for being so normal!

Bah, we love Kate, too! As for what she bought? A velvet trim blue boucle jacket, a green pencil skirt with black polka dots, and a pair of gold earrings. Oh yes, there are pictures of the clothes! We, um, Photoshopped her in them. Looking good, girl!

[Get What Kate Wore via Duchess of Cambridge Style]

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