What Should Kate Middleton’s Wedding Shoes Look Like?

While everyone has been talking about the dress (and, tangentially, the jewels) that Kate Middleton will wear when she walks down the aisle, we haven’t heard much about her shoes. We’re guessing that might be because they’ll be hidden underneath a waterfall of white silk or cream tulle or cloudy lace or something of that stripe. But that doesn’t make them any less important, so Regina Popp Smith, fashion editor at Footwear News, reached out to shoe designers to see what they’d make for the queen-to-be.

Check out a few of the designs below, and head over to FN to see more and, more importantly, what each designer had to say about their sketch. (Spoiler alert: Manolo Blahnik‘s shoe is a meditation on springtime.)

[Author’s note: In the spirit of full disclosure, we should tell you we cut our fashion reporting teeth at FN. But we’d reblog this even if we hadn’t because hello, how awesome are the drawings and how good an idea was this?]

Designs Fit for a Princess [Footwear News]

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