Is Kate Moss Working On A Memoir?

As much as we’d love to read all about Kate Moss‘ ex-boyfriends, her parents, her daughter and that unattractive cocaine-snorting scandal back in 2005, something tells us we won’t be doing that anytime soon. Nevertheless, word has it the supermodel is putting pen to paper for an upcoming autobiography.

A report from Britain’s The Sun newspaper has been quoted far and wide, saying that Moss, who just married her rockstar boyfriend Jamie Hince a few weeks ago, will spill her life story in a tell-all book. But for a woman who rarely gives interviews (and when she does, they’re under extremely guarded circumstances) and who was once quoted saying that she hates talking, spilling the beans on very juicy, private matters seems really out of character.

But maybe Moss has reached a point in her life and career where she’s comfortable letting people get to know who she really is, and not simply create their own ideas about her. Maybe she wants to set the record straight about a few things that have been nagging at her lo these past few years. Or maybe she just has some dirt on Jefferson Hack that she’s been dying to circulate.

Then again, this report is from The Sun, the same newspaper that fabricated the Botox Mom story, and then rode the Botox Mom scandal all the way to the bank. And if it’s any indication of this story’s validity, as of this post it was nowhere to be found on The Sun‘s website. And it’s worth nothing that in 2009, Moss was rumored to have been talking with Sir Richard Branson about the prospect of writing a book about her life, but nothing ever came of that. So will Moss’ tell-all soon join Grace Coddington‘s memoir (and possibly Anna Wintour‘s biography) in our fashion library any time soon? Well, don’t hold your breath.


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