Kate Moss Says English Girls ‘Look A Little Lopsided’

So much for national pride. British supermodel Kate Moss can be highly complimentary of stylish women in France, Italy and Spain, but when it comes to the British Isles, optimistic lauding doesn’t apply.

In the scraps of an interview Moss did with fashion writer Derek Blasberg last summer, Moss explains that European women don’t have one unified style — it’s different from country to country. And to hear her tell it, girls from England have the worst style of the lot of them.

Kate Moss: … There’s definitely a different style from London to Europe: the French girls dress different from the English girls and the Spanish girls and the Italian girls.

Derek Blasberg: That’s true. I like that the girls in Spain aren’t afraid of color…

KM: Yeah, and French girls have their look with their long hair and sophistication. And then we English girls look a little…lopsided.

DB: Messy?

KM: Messy in the nicest way.

Ouch. Luckily, Blasberg saves Moss from committing to the idea that British style is all disheveled messiness by asking her what she thinks about the most British of British style stars, Kate Middleton:

DB: Did you see the images that Inez & Vinoodh took of you that were posted around London around the time of the Royal Wedding? You were wearing a wedding veil and nothing else, and the posters read, “There’s only one Kate.”

KM: Yeah, I saw them. I watched the wedding too, of course! We had a big party and all the kids came around. I thought Kate [Middleton] looked amazing.

But the most amazing people in England, Moss says, are the boys who dress like girls — and conversely, the girls who dress like boys.

DB: What do you think is so great about British fashion?

KM: When I go to Spitalfields Market, or when I used to go to Portobello, which I don’t really do anymore, because it’s gotten so touristy, or when you go to a club, when you see the boys and the girls—there’s a real mix. The boys look like the girls, and the girls look like the boys, and that’s interesting. They don’t do that in Europe yet. The French boys don’t dress like girls.

Oh, French boys. When will they learn? Read the rest of Moss’s interview here.

[Mr. Blasberg]

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