Why Kate Moss Once Refused To Share The Red Carpet With Liz Taylor

This month’s issue of V magazine takes a page out of Interview’s book and has the ever headline-worthy Kate Moss interviewing Hong Kong and London-based entrepreneur Sir David Tang in a delightfully friendly piece that covers everything from crossword puzzles to the physical location of Timbuktu. Whether that’s because Kate’s been hiding some serious journalism skills or merely a product of her congeniality is up for debate, but one thing’s for sure: the awesomeness of their exchange about the late Elizabeth Taylor certainly isn’t.

When Kate asks David which celebrity he’d love to meet, he answers Liz Taylor, which prompts Kate to recall the time they almost shared a red carpet at a past Met Gala.

I remember I was in the lineup for the Met Ball and Elizabeth Taylor was in front of me. I told everyone, We have to sit back in the car until she’s gone past. We can’t be on the carpet with her, she deserves it all to herself.

Honestly, if there’s a better reason to refuse to walk a red carpet with Dame Taylor, we can’t think of it. Second best exchange goes to Kate’s cluelessness regarding the real-life African city of Timbuktu.

DT: I’ve always wanted to go to Timbuktu. First of all I think it is the best name of anywhere in the world.

KM: I thought it was a made-up place!

DT: No, no. It is a day’s camel ride from the edge of the Sahara desert. It is actually in Mali.

KM: I’d love to come along!

DT: Yes, we shall go together. We will fly to Marrakech and spend the weekend looking at the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, sunbathing in the olive gardens. Then we drive to the western part of the Sahara desert, to Ouarzazate, the last oasis in the Sahara.

KM: I’ve never been to an oasis. With palm trees and everything?

DT: Palm trees, a spring, and incredibly red sandstone. Here we shall get a couple camels and ride south across Algeria. As we see the sunset over the dunes and dusk falls, we’ll come to Timbuktu.

KM: That sounds amazing!

DT: We must allow time at the border of Mali. You’ll write supermodel on the immigration form and I’ll write super-CEO, or chairman of the board.

And we’ll write “Super Jealous Bloggers” on ours.

Escape Artists [V Magazine]

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