This Kate Moss Jam Thing Is Actually Happening

Remember last summer when rumors trickled out that Kate Moss was getting into the commercial food scheme? Moss’s culinary aspirations had their detractors, but the supermodel recently hinted to a reporter that she’s been back in a test kitchen making her own jam.

The Telegraph‘s Bryony Gordon was one of a lucky few granted a rare (and highly guarded) interview with the 37-year-old beauty, who’s busy making wedding plans and being fabulous. Of course, Gordon wasn’t allowed to ask any questions about that wedding or her private life, so Gordon thought bringing along a gift of jam and a pack of cigarettes would butter her up. And it sort of did the trick.

I give her my presents. I am scared. There are eleven effortlessly cool fashionistas in the room and then me, handing her some… “jam! I love my jam. I’ve just had a batch of it come through, I’ve been making it,” Kate Moss makes jam? Now that is interesting.

Yes, yes, Moss makes jam — whole batches of it, even! And that’s the thing that makes us think she’s making jam on a larger scale. For us, a pot of jam normally makes a few jars to eat and pass out to friends, but a batch just connotes something … bigger. More commercial. Like something we could be a part of by shelling out a few dollars at the corner market.

Something finite we did learn from Gordon’s interview with Moss is that she wishes she could have been part of the supermodel extravaganza that was George Michael’s music video for Freedom. “I just missed it. That would have been amazing,” she said. And it would have been — so amazing that we figured we’d include the video, just in case you want to watch.

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