Kate Moss And Lea T Make Out On The Latest Cover Of Love

Justin Bieber isn’t the only one covering this issue of Love. Kate Moss and Lea T are also featured on a cover for the magazine. Together. Making out. Love is officially genius.

Transgender model Lea T landed her first magazine break back in November, when she graced the cover of Lurve. Riccardo Tisci‘s muse is the perfect choice for the cover of Love‘s androgyny issue, while Kate is a bit of surprise. And yet it totally works! We love the clever gender play going on, with Kate styled as a man and Lea as a woman. And that kiss!

Pretty boy Biebs is a more tongue-in-cheek pick, and we wonder if the pop star was notified that his cover would in fact be for the androgyny issue. We hope the answer is yes, and that he was fair game. We are also dying to see what his cover looks like. There’s no word on how the Bieber Love connection was made, but mag EIC Katie Grand did share how she and Lea met: “I was by the pool at the Copacabana Palace Hotel when I saw her. At first I didn’t notice her gender, just that she was wearing Givenchy couture and looked amazing!” Apparently Grace Jones was at the pool, too. We, sadly, were not.


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