Real Estate Porn: Take A Look At Kate Moss’ Leopard Living Room

First it was burgled, then it was flooded, then it was exorcised — and now it’s for sale. Kate Moss‘ five-bedroom London abode is on the market for 7 million pounds (about $11 million US), though the paid the equivalent of $12 million for it back in 2007. So, what does 11 million big ones get you?

According to the property listing, Moss’ 4,740 square foot Victorian home comes with a two to three car garage, a master bedroom with two (count ‘em, two) dressing rooms, a roof terrace, and a walled garden. There’s also a “neon-lit party area” and, as The Daily Mail notes, a “well-stocked bar”, though whether that’s included in the listing price is unclear.

Unfortunately, Moss has yet to receive any legitimate offers — and apparently she’s in a rush. The Daily Mail reports that Moss has her sights set on a 9 bedroom, $12 million home in London’s Highgate neighborhood, right near Jude Law and Sienna Miller. (The Daily Mail calls them her “friends”, though last we checked, Moss was besties with Law’s ex-wife Sadie Frost and wasn’t too pleased with Miller’s role in their divorce.)

Inside The Home Kate Moss Can’t Sell [The Daily Mail]
Greville Road St. John’s Wood Borders [Marcus Parfitt Properties]

[via Daily Front Row.]


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