Kate Moss Promised Her Daughter ‘Fewer Crotch Shots’ In Her Next Book

Being the spawn of a supermodel definitely has its perks (see: Linda Evangelista‘s alleged five-figure-a-month child support agreement or Cindy Crawford‘s impeccable genes), but we can imagine that seeing your mom naked all of the time would be one of the less enjoyable aspects of the gig.

Such is the case for Lila Grace Moss Hack, Kate Moss‘ ten-year-old daughter, who, according to an interview the model gave to the New York Times, is not a huge fan of her mother’s lack of clothing throughout the pages of Kate, Rizzoli‘s new Moss-centric tome. The book is to be released tomorrow, but the grade schooler got a rather unwelcome sneak peak:

“When my daughter opened the book, she said, ‘Oh no, mummy,’ ” Ms. Moss said, referring to Lila Grace Moss Hack, 10, her child from a marriage to the editor and publisher Jefferson Hack. Ms. Moss vowed to her daughter that there would be fewer crotch shots in the next book. In it, she said, she might compile only paparazzi pictures, because her personal and fashion life often seem to converge in a record compiled by people who surreptitiously check into hotels where she is staying or hide in the bushes behind her house.”

Lila Grace may also give these images her stamp of approval since many will no doubt star both her and her mother — in fact, Moss confesses that her daughter was so exposed to the lurking photographers that her first word was “Nazzi,” a childhood version of “paparazzi.”


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