Is Kate Moss Becoming A Victim Of Her Own Popularity?

If you are a dedicated Styleite reader (or even an occasional Styleite peruser), you know that we love Kate Moss. But today we had to ask ourselves: has Kate finally overexposed herself?

It was news of Kate maybe doing a lingerie line for Topshop‘s Philip Green that sounded the overexposure alarm for us this morning, and made us take a look at the cold, hard facts. Her last full line for Topshop is out, she has a new perfume and she’s collaborating with AnOther. We’ve heard her speak not once but twice in just as many months. She kicked someone, and may be married. Plus there’s been all that CoKate rehashing.

Sure, we fan the flame of Kate’s celebrity. Because she’s awesome. But the once elusive supermodel seems to be ubiquitously all up in our grills lately. Sometimes the element of surprise is good, Kate! And there’s been so much semi-unfounded “Kate’s future at Topshop” speculation that this lingerie bit just really threw us over the edge.

We’re bored. We want to read and write about Kate, but only if said items are interesting and of value. Kate possibly, maybe, potentially doing a lingerie line just doesn’t cut it.

Consider this a plea: do something interesting or lay low until you do. Please.

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