Kate Moss Paralyzed?!

Imagine waking up in a strange city and not having any feeling in one of your limbs. Friends of Kate Moss say that’s exactly what happened to her during a trip to Paris this weekend.

The supermodel was staying at The Ritz when she woke up and didn’t have any feeling in one of her arms. Her friends told The Daily Mail that she panicked (and understandably so — we would have lost our minds) and called for the hotel’s doctor. When she got back to London, she saw another physician for a second opinion, and it turns out she has a pretty common nerve disorder called an ulnar nerve entrapment. (If you’re not currently taking a college anatomy class, you should know that your ulnar nerve is the one that runs down the back of your forearm, so Moss is essentially suffering from one hell of a hit to her funny bone.)

It’s a common ailment, and Moss’s doctors say she’ll make a full recovery. Still, friends say that for right now, she can’t even manage to open a jar. Which means she probably won’t be able to take on any modeling gigs over the next few months, or even help her husband Jamie Hince move into their new home in Highgate.

‘Jamie will do most of the unpacking as Kate has been in a lot of pain,’ says the friend. ‘She was told the condition could take months to heal. She has told all her friends about her hospital drama.’

Still, what could be better than a few months of bed rest and the full and unimpeachable right to order people around your house? Nothing we say. Nothing.

[The Daily Mail]

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