Kate Moss Kicks Piers Morgan, Calls Him An A**hole

We have an unapologetic love for Kate Moss here at Styleite, but as awesome as we think she is, we’d never, ever want to be on her bad side. Piers Morgan doesn’t, either, but that didn’t stop the supermodel from aiming a swift kick to Morgan’s leg last week.

At Sir Philip Green‘s Help for Heroes charity auction/party last week (the same night Moss wore that tea-length dress we weren’t so sure about) the model spotted Morgan and scowled at him. To hear Morgan tell it, Kate thinks he’s responsible for the Cocaine Kate cover of The Daily Mirror (the one that doubled her earning power). And while he did a stint as editor there, he wasn’t working at the paper when that story went to press. Nevertheless, Morgan felt the need to be the bigger man and tried to bury the hatchet. Per Morgan’s blog at The Daily Mail, it went something like this:

‘Evening, Kate.’

‘Oh no – look what the cat’s dragged in,’ she mocked.

‘Now, now, I come bearing olive branches.’

‘Apologise,’ she demanded.

‘For what?’

‘Being an ***hole all your life.’

It seemed a fair enough charge.

‘I’ll do that if you apologise for kicking me.’


I cleared my throat. ‘I’m sorry for being an ***hole all my life.’


‘Your turn, Kate.’

‘No, I’m not apologising to you. Forget it.’

‘OK, then I’ll have to retract my own apology.’

Then Sir Philip shows up to see if the two are still fighting, and Moss tries to kick Morgan in the shins under the table and misses. Morgan gets Naomi Campbell on the phone to ask her to tell Moss that he’s actually an OK guy. And within half an hour, the two were on civil terms. If a call from Naomi could end a war of this magnitude, we wonder if she wouldn’t be better suited working for the UN than shopping a book deal.

[via Racked.]

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