Kate Upton Poses With A Giant Oreo In Antartica, As One Does

While Vogue has been giving Kate Upton cushy studio shoots and letting her keep her clothes on for the most part, leave it to Sports Illustrated to put her up to the challenge of an extreme bikini modeling job in Antarctica’s -35°F weather.

According to TMZ, Upton boarded a 10-day cruise to the chilly continent back in November, shooting a “super secret” cover amidst the ice caps and snowy tundra for the magazine that put her on the map. Despite all of this secrecy, however, paparazzi found their way onto the same Antarctic cruise, and the model was snapped out in the cold in her bikini, pausing between shots to warm up in a cozy full-length fur.

But while the skimpy attire and furry boots are par for the “Swimsuit Edition” course, the giant Oreo she’s posing next to in many of the photos seems just a touch out of place. TMZ notes that 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the cookie, but the issue isn’t set to drop until the new year, so…happy 101st, Oreo?

See one of the cookie snaps below, and head over to TMZ for the full set.


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