Kate Upton Cool With Boobs, Sofia Coppola and Kristen Dunst Reunite, and the Met Gala Guest List Crackdown


Just when you thought Kate Upton was just as insecure about her body as you were, turns out she’s generally cool with the size of her boobs. Earlier this week the 34D model apparently opened up to reputed news source The Sun, probably as the two engaged in some heartfelt soul-searching over post-swimsuit shopping brunch cocktails, “I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life.” But turns out we can all chill because — shock horror — the media makes stuff up. Upton clarified on Twitter yesterday,

Unfortunately, what was said about my body is completely made up to try and drum up controversy where there is none. Like every woman, I have moments of insecurity, but I love and am proud of my body — every part of it — and wouldn’t change a thing.

The rest of the world would change a thing either, Kate. Except maybe the direction of gravity. (Twitter)

  • w-magTwo of our favorite famouses, Sofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst, are still musing hard upon each other. Dunst is on the cover of this month’s W magazine, which will be more exciting than usual due to the fact that Coppola is guest editing. The issue is “essentially about Coppola’s lifestyle and friends,” as well as how Dunst retains her mystique in the age of selfies. With celebrity-turned-editor trending harder than ever we’ll probably be out of jobs soon, but this issue will hopefully make it worth it. (WWD)
  • kimyeIf your overriding thought concerning last year’s Met Gala was that there were too many goddamn poors standing between you and the champagne fountain, fear not — Anna Wintour is here to class this joint up with “more exclusivity and high fashion” when the gala returns to NYC on May 5, with ticket prices hiked from $15,000 to $25,000 per person and a theme paying homage to ball gown designer Charles James. Happy, Gwyneth? (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Sky Ferreira has responded to claims that her new video is racist, writing a lengthy Facebook post in response to accusations that she uses people of color as props. The video was apparently inspired by “90s hip hop videos and Michael Jackson,” and, it seems, her own arrest last year. (Facebook)
  • Outspoken Photoshop critic Lorde is again out to draw attention to her flaws. The singer tweeted yesterday, “apart from the fact that i’m pretty sure this magazine gave me a new nose (:|), i really like this photo.” (Twitter)
  • If you were planning to stop by Oscar de la Rena‘s place to hand in your creative director resume this morning, don’t bother with that. Turns out the 81-year-old isn’t actively seeking for a new creative director just because he un-bromanced Galliano, though there could be a smidge of truth to the rumors, according to new NYT hire Vanessa Friedman. (Financial Times)
  • In case you somehow missed it, fashion people are crushing hard on overalls right now. Harper’s charted the history of the questionable coverups and suggested a few ways to de-farmerize the look. It involves cooling it on your consumption of liquids. (Harper’s Bazaar)
  • Here’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler alongside British fashion’s most powerful blondes – Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley of Marc by Marc Jacobs — discussing the power of two. This is business school we can jive with. (Vogue UK)
  • If you’re a card-carrying member of the Diptyque cult, you probably know about the fancy candle maker delving into skincare. So what do the products do other than make your face smell like Olivia Palermo‘s bedroom? Wouldn’t you like to know. (Into the Gloss)
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