You Don’t Want To See The Rest Of Katie Price’s Outfit

The Playboy cover girl, topless model, and all-around attention hog has out-weirded herself with this get-up for the fifth anniversary of her KP Equestrian line. We get it, she’s sticking with the horsey theme. But, seriously?

Let’s dissect the look: first, she’s wearing a baby pink tee from the “horse and rider” line. That’s kind of like wearing a band’s t-shirt to their concert, but since celebrating Katie Price’s collection is the whole point of the party, we’ll give her a pass. Next, there’s the whole Centaur thing. This is no Kanye throwback (“half man half amazing”), nor is it mythically inspiring in any way. It’s more like an embarrassing My Little Pony halloween costume that we just can’t wrap our heads around. Why do the furry back legs look shapely like Katie’s real legs? Did she force some tortured assistant to go face-to-bum inside this mess, or did Katie just drag inanimate legs around all evening? The bubblegum wig and makeup, while matching her outfit costume perfectly, are more bachelorette party in Tampa than model off duty and, frankly, we can’t even see Barbie going that overboard with pink. Not even Pink.

The icing on this shame cake is the bedazzled platform pole-perfect shoes, of which Katie sports not two but four — probably mimicking a galloping sound when she trotted around the scene. We might’ve left the back two off, but, then again, we’d have left this whole look behind.

In short, the yay or nay on this outfit is pretty obvious: neiigghhh.

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