WATCH: Katy Perry ‘Magically’ Changes 8 Times In One Song

There’s nothing a popstar loves more than cramming as many costume changes as possible into a single concert. Katy Perry has just upped the ante on that by managing to squeeze no less than eight changes into one rendition of “Hot N Cold” — a feat she claims is an actual magic trick.

In an interview in last week’s Entertainment Weekly, Perry tells tour opener Robyn about the series of changes, rebuffing her accusation that it’s just a bunch of removable layers.

“I change a few times…15. But eight of those are in one song because it’s a magic trick… It’s an actual magic trick. I saw these two magicians do it on America’s Got Talent or one of those shows and I thought, ‘I’ll have them teach me the trick and I’ll incorporate it into the show.’ I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying that I wouldn’t give away the secrets behind the magic trick.”

We’ve got video of the performance below and you can count ’em, all eight are there. That said, we can’t help but think Robyn was right. It looks like Katy’s just wearing a really big dress to start and de/re-layering from there. At one point (around 2:45) you can actually see the dress Katy previously had on peek out from under the new one. The final costume change is the coolest, by far, though we’re pretty sure it’s just a question of undoing some snaps and letting the dress unfold. What do you think?

[via MTV Style.]

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