Katy Perry Took Thematic Dressing To New Heights Last Night

Time and again, we’ve lamented the Gagafication of the red carpet. Celebs like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have copped Lady Gaga‘s steez, and decided to wear insane costumes on the red carpet. It’s boring! It’s lame! Costumes are for the stage! Well, it looks like Perry finally got the memo.

The pop star attended the premiere of her movie Part of Me, and she looked very normal (lovely, in fact!) on the red carpet. She showed up in retro Dolce & Gabbana red velvet strapless frock with coordinating red velvet shoes. A bejeweled clutch added a hint of glitz, while her movie-themed nail art provided a glimpse of what was to come.

You see, she also performed at the premiere, and we’re thankful she left her costume for the stage. And what a costume it was! In keeping with the film theme, Perry wore a totally bonkers dress that included the following: a film ribbon bodice, film reel boob covers, a popcorn box-striped skirt, and a POPCORN HEM. She also donned a pair of glasses covered in Mike and Ikes. Inexplicably, her pink shoes had nothing to do with movies.

Glamorous on the red carpet, quirky on stage — well done, Katy!

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