PHOTOS: Katy Perry Not Beautiful Enough For Rolling Stone

It turns out there was a little more manipulation involved in Katy Perry‘s cover of Rolling Stone than we initially thought. Back when her issue of the magazine came out last August, we only knew there was definitely something done to her hair and only assumed that the rest of her figure had been messed with. And now we had proof.

A tumblr called lourtneycove posted these before and after photos of Perry’s cover. While the post has since been taken down, it was reblogged sufficiently that we were able to pull both images — both of which look like they’ve had some alteration done to them. But there’s a stark difference in the first image and the second one. Notice how Perry’s breasts have been lifted, how the skin on her stomach and face have been smoothed over. Her fingers have been repositioned and there’s still something weird going on with her hair. Her right leg must have really angered the people who did the retouching, because the thigh was slimmed considerably and the sock she was wearing has been digitally taken away.

We must sound like broken records at this point, but really? Like her or not, Katy Perry is absurdly beautiful as is — and we’re deeply saddened by the fact that Jann Wenner and company really thought she needed these “improvements.”

apparently, even katy perry isn’t pretty enough for rolling stone [ONTD!]

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