What Did Rolling Stone Do To Katy Perry’s Hair?

This is getting pretty tiresome, but it’s a slow news day so we’ll bite. Katy Perry‘s photo on the cover of Rolling Stone has quite evidently been Photoshopped to death and back, and we want to know why.

Rag on her though we might, it’s hard to downplay the fact that Perry is a beautiful woman — she’s refreshingly healthy looking and naturally gorgeous. It would have been fine to depict her just as she is, but, of course, at a highly produced mainstream magazine, no photo goes untouched.

But this photo was so overworked we’re having a hard time figuring out how it went to press. Did Jann Wenner really see this and say, “Now that looks like a great issue”?

Even our untrained eyes can see that her hair has been mangled with Photoshop’s blur tool to make it look as though she’s moving her head — even though the rest of her is sitting still. This probably had to be done to hide the fact that magazine’s art department clipped the head from one image of Perry to put it on the body in another (to us, her face looks like it’s farther away from her body than it ought to be), and why that ever gets done we’ll never understand.

Despite pledges to end airbrushing and campaigns to honor the way people actually look, these things keep happening. The only thing stopping us from throwing our hands up in frustration is the fact that we know these egregious abuses of photo technology have to be pointed out and addressed. Shame on you, Rolling Stone. Shame on you.

[Via Photoshop Disasters]

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