Kelly Cutrone Spills Details About Her Thieving Ex-Assistant

Earlier this week, Kelly Cutrone revealed that a former assistant was stealing money from her. There weren’t many specifics at the time, but now Cutrone has revealed all the details.

She confirmed to Fashionista that Brunson Stafford is indeed the thief in question. He worked at People’s Revolution for a few months and was fired Fashion Week in February. How did she find out about his thievery?

Cutrone’s debit card was declined when she was trying to pay for a coffee, so she checked her bank statements. She saw a ton of charges from food delivery site and confirmed that all the orders were delivered to Stafford’s address.

When Cutrone brought it up to Stafford, he said he didn’t know what she was talking about. Cutrone called up his mom and suggested that her “sociopath” son get help. His parents didn’t want to settle the situation, so Cutrone hung Stafford out to dry.

But now that he’s been publicly ousted as a thief, his parents want to settle out of court. Cutrone hasn’t had time to file a police report yet, but thinks that he should go to jail.

Yeah, don’t mess with her.


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