Kelly Cutrone Thinks Retail Is Over

It’s hard to tire of Kelly Cutrone. Of course she often treads dangerously close to over exposure, but when it comes down to it, behind the mirrored frames and all black get-ups, the woman/force de PR knows a whole lot.

Thankfully for us attentive listeners, the Mother Wolf and self-help expert isn’t exactly shy about sharing. Take today’s outing at Bryant Park. Thought that unbrushed woman spouting off about fashion’s impending doom was just some run-of-the mill crazy, well far from it. Rather it was the Kell-ster, taken to the park bench pulpit as part of Bryant Park Reading Room Series to sign copies of her book If You Have To Cry, Go Outside, and naturally spew Power Girl insights.

Says Kelly: Follow your inner voice, get the lowest entry job in the field of your dreams, and work like you own the place…with pride and grace. But inevitably the conversation turned quickly away from peace, love and Ava’s new puppy to the fashion world–with one bright eyed attendee asking where she should turn to realize her big city dreams.

Because there’s no use in paraphrasing…her answer:

Here is what I think is the future: Street life and life style. Style is in; fashion luxury, forget it. It’s over. Gucci, Vuitton, Hermes…all those places are really great, go for it. That business exists in a city called Paris, France. That’s where that is. Those businesses will continue. Retail business, pretty much over. I think people who sell to retail companies are people who can’t afford their own stores. The poor boys—Old Navy, J.Crew, Gap…they already knew that and aren’t wholesaling. Editorial, magazine, we are going to say buh-bye to them as we know them. They will still exist but everything is on the internet.

Can’t say we–or probably anyone else in the fashion world for that matter–disagree with her Orwellian predictions.  Wonder if she’s let Whitney in on this tid-bit of information?

Via Racked

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