Kelly Cutrone Joins Dr. Phil As Tough Love Correspondent

While we’re still mourning the death of Kelly Cutrone‘s MTV reality show Kell on Earth, we’ve also spent the last few months with an eye on her Twitter feed to see what else the Mama Wolf has up her sleeve. She’s announced plans for a “scripted” show, hinted at a talk show, and, as of last night, revealed that she’s joining Dr. Phil on his show. Wait, what?

Around 8PM last night, Cutrone tweeted:

News Flash! I have been signed to @drphil as a Correspondent!! CBS daytime is loving the black – shout out to @drphil MORE 2 COME

An announcement that was quickly retweeted by Dr. Phil. Cutrone appeared on his show on Thursday for an episode titled, “Are we raising a generation of spoiled and entitled children?” which, if you’ve watched any of Kell on Earth, you’ll know is right up her alley. Cutrone even had one of the show’s subjects, Erica, spend a day “interning” for her at People’s Revolution — you can imagine how well that went.

Cutrone’s brand of tough love is, we suppose, a good fit for Dr. Phil, but at the same time we can’t help but think, really? Dr. Phil? Cutrone’s indie sensibilities and anti-establishment style gave us higher hopes for her daytime plans. We know everyone has to get paid and that everyone has to start somewhere (the chances of Cutrone being handed her very own show off the bat are understandably slim), but somehow Dr. Phil feels like a strange fit for the People’s Rev brand.

But if there’s one thing Cutrone knows, it’s publicity. So we’ll trust her on this one, and in the meantime, tune in for the ride.

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