Kelly Cutrone’s Tried & True Show Crasher Shaming Tactics

In the world of fashion, it’s pretty easy to differentiate between the phonies and the professionals. Kelly Cutrone is the latter. The woman is a full-on pro. Last night we attended the People’s Revolution‘s PETA party at Stella McCartney‘s Meatpacking boutique, and we were able to snag a few minutes alone with the popular publicist.

When asked about the biggest challenge she faces during Fashion Week, she told us that it’s “other people’s expectations of themselves.” Not the show crashers, we mused? No, because Kelly knows how to put them in their place.

I’m notorious. Usually I ask them to represent who they are and why they’re in that seat. They inevitably lie to you, and then I use the toddler method I use with my daughter, which is: ‘I’m going to count to three, and I’m going to ask you to get up. If you choose not to do that, there will be repercussions.’

And they get up, and as they do that, they try to grab the gift bag and tell you that you’re rude. At this point, I snatch it out of their hands and tell them they’re rude. ‘You came to this show uninvited with a sense of self-importance, and you’re calling me rude? You’re rude.” I use them as my sacrificial lamb, and set the tone for the other crashers who are also watching to see how I react.

And like any true professional, Kelly explained that truly successful people are those who learn from their many mistakes — “I call it the ‘burn and learn.’ You burn and then you learn from it.” Oh, and then she hugged us! Night made.

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