Kelly Cutrone (And Her BFF) Debut Web-Based Talk Show

Last week, Kelly Cutrone — tired of waiting for Bravo to greenlight a second season of “Kell On Earth”launched a YouTube channel called KellyCutroneTV, which features “daily missives” from the people of People’s Revolution “served up piping hot.”

Not done with her plans for total web domination, this morning Cutrone debuted a new web-based talk show with her BFF Justine Bateman who, much to her chagrin, you probably remember as Mallory from “Family Ties” and, yes, she’s also Jason Bateman’s sister. More importantly, though, is Bateman’s whole-hearted embrace of new media. She’s been an avid and engaged Tumblr since the mirco-blogging platform’s early days and is a founder and partner of, a production company dedicated to creating professional content for the internet.

Bateman and Cutrone’s show is called “Wake Up And Get Real” and, we’re not going to lie: we love it. The “About” blurb on the show’s site says it all:

Legend has it that Kelly and Justine had a vision in an upstate NY forest of a giant Jackalope leaping through a starburst and knew the time had come for a talk show that would express the views that aren’t on THE VIEW. They knew there were others who wanted to wake up and get real too, and so WUAGR was born.

One of their inaugural episodes feature Cutrone — still in bed — with yet another awesome friend, Rachel Felder, while the two of them discuss a topic very close to my own heart: make-up vs. no make-up.

Cutrone, obviously, is squarely in the no make-up camp, while Felder is known for her signature ruby-red lipstick.

Bateman, for her part, describes the show as their answer to “The View”:

And, finally, what would a good web show be without a cameo from everyone’s favorite eight-year-old, Ava Cutrone (and her BFF Millie Felder.)

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