Kelly Cutrone Says Screw Bravo, Debuts YouTube Channel

Kelly Cutrone and the rest of her People’s Revolution crew must be seriously mourning the loss of their Bravo reality show, “Kell on Earth”, because they’ve taken to the internet to get their fix of fame. After Bravo dragged their feet on giving the show a second season, Cutrone, who doesn’t seem like one to sit around and wait for things to happen, took matters into her own hands and started a YouTube channel, KellyCutroneTV, where you can get “daily missives” from the people of People’s Revolution “served up piping hot.”

The channel debuted with a video featuring Cutrone’s daughter, Ava, conducting her first interview.

While Ava and her pink sunnies are clearly, if inadvertently, the star of the show, there are currently two other videos on the channel, featuring Cutrone, of course, and her two publicist sidekicks, Stephanie Skinner and Andrew Mukamal. Everyone is wearing sunglasses in the videos, which was either a styling decision or a result of the fact that these were filmed between 8 and 10PM last night and everyone was probably exhausted.

In one, Cutrone and Mukamal debate his $2,000 Rodarte sample sale purchase:

And in the other, Skinner reveals that she’s not as sweet as she seems:

And it sounds like there’s more to come. Cutrone tweeted the following last night, “should we film @stefskinner and I having coffee in my kitchen or flipcam our bike ride? you decide you tube – kellycutronetv” and there is currently an open thread vote on Facebook to decide.

Thrilling stuff, clearly, but for those of us who dearly miss their weekly dose of Kell, it was a genius decision. If People’s Rev can commit the time and effort it takes to film and upload several videos a day, Cutrone won’t even need another TV show — she’ll have created her own.

And there, fashion industry, is the power of the internet.

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