Kelly Osbourne Is Madonna’s New Material Girl

After all of the hullabaloo over Taylor Momsen being ousted as spokeswoman for Madonna‘s juniors label Material Girl, we thought there’d be some kind of competition to find a replacement. But it turns out the only competition was who could capture the attention of Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter.

The Daily Mirror reports that singer Kelly Osbourne won that battle hands down. Lourdes is absolutely obsessed with Kelly and her style. So obsessed that once even blogged about her infinite supply of coolness:

“I met Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall, who are maybe THE coolest couple I have met; they both have such great style as well,” Lourdes wrote.

We wonder how she feels about Worrall after their failed attempt to get back together? But we digress.

If Osbourne isn’t as big a fan of Lourdes, she is a huge fan of Madonna and is flattered by all the attention she’s getting from the trailblazing pop star and her daughter, and as far as we can tell is excited to be involved with the brand. A friend of Osbourne’s told the Mail her campaign is a “huge coup.”

Whether or not that coup refers to taking over for Momsen or adding to Osbourne’s expanding celebrity, we don’t know. We will say that at first we were a little confused because Osbourne is a little older than the brand’s target customer, but her personal style is a near-perfect fit. What do you think of Madonna’s new material girl?

Kelly Osbourne is the new face of Madonna’s clothing line [The Daily Mirror]

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