PHOTOS: The Creepiest Ken-Inspired Spread You’ll Ever See

Barbie’s Ken doll is getting a lot of exposure these days — he’s in popular animated movies, on reality television, and now, in international fashion magazines.

In the spring/summer issue of GQ Style Germany, photographer Armin Morbach lensed a few pages called “Barbie’s Puppet.” We’re sure there’s something lost in translation there, but the name is really creepy. And so are the photos.

There’s this interesting tension between your knowing that the models are actual people and knowing that they’re supposed to be dolls. They’re real. And you want them to look real, but they don’t. There’s even one shot in which the male model playing Ken has his pants off and there’s no genitalia in sight. Just like a Ken doll. Except he’s not a Ken doll.

But that’s editorial fashion photography for you: subverting age-old ideas to make you think, squirm in your chair, and want to buy expensive things you don’t actually need.

[Copyranter via Homotography]

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