Khloe Kardashian Gets Shortened For Beach Bunny Ad

Every family, famous or not, has a sibling that sticks out — I’m the only boy among five girls, and LaToya is the only Jackson who would deign to be interviewed on Animal Planet.

Being different is usually a good thing — unless, apparently, you are a Kardashian sister. In Beach Bunny swimwear’s newest ad, which features the three eldest Kardashian gals, Khloe Kardashian appears to have been shortened so as not to dwarf her petite sisters Kourtney and Kim.

On the red carpet, where Photoshop does not exist, Khloe typically stands taller than her sisters. More than half a foot taller, actually — Khloe is 5’10”, while Kourtney is only 5’3″. Kim is even more petite at 5’2″, the New York Daily News reports.

While it’s obvious even to untrained eyes that Khloe’s height isn’t the only thing that got shopped in this ad, it’s one of the most glaring abuses of photo-altering technology we’ve seen this summer. Making a thin girl’s waist disappear is one thing, but cutting half a foot off of someone is quite another.

We’d love to hear the explanation behind this one. Did they do it to make Kourtney and Kim feel better about themselves? Did Kim not want Kourtney stealing any more of her thunder? Were the shorter Kardashian sisters standing on risers or Gaga-esque platforms?

We don’t know. But what we are sure about is that we’re getting pretty tired of the vast majority of fashion companies continuing to make the case that we should be ashamed of things we have absolutely no control over. Khloe is a tall, buxom woman (yes, we did just use that adjective) and if Beach Bunny wants to make any money from her likeness, they should portray her that way.

[Image of ad via NY Daily News]

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