Kiernan Shipka Inspired By Grace Kelly, Loves Bieber

Kiernan Shipka leads quite a life. Independent of the fact she plays Sally Draper on Mad Men, the 11-year-old’s day-to-day existence is kind of awe-inspiring. She dresses like “an editorial assistant at Vogue,” and lives in a “pastel wedding cake of a mansion” with her parents and two German shepherds and plenty of strawberry-pomegranate cream cheese. It’s just all a bit much. Alas, it’s hard not to love the tween actress after reading her profile in this week’s New York Magazine.

First of all, she totally gets (and loves) fashion:

“I follow fashion trends. My closet’s full of Papo d’Anjo. They’re my main brand. I just absolutely love them because the quality is so amazing. Chloé has some amazing kids’ pieces, too, and I have a lot of D&G Junior. Grace Kelly is my fashion inspiration—a classic look, with beautiful pieces, and very pretty.”

She also likes to golf and bake. But lest you think she’s too precocious, there’s this:

Then she erupts in laughter. “I have the best idea: fashion Halloween!” she squeaks later, the words coming out in a torrent. “I’m always something like Catwoman, Cinderella, or Rapunzel, with really, really long hair, and we always decorate our house like crazy—we even have a fog machine. But this year, I want to have a fashion Halloween! We’ll have people dress up as Donna Karnage.” Giggle. “Michael Korpse.” Giggle. “Burbloody.”

Adorable! And, of course, there’s Justin Bieber, the greatest of all tween equalizers:

Then Justin Bieber comes up, and Kiernan goes wild. “I love him,” she squeals, her eyes lighting up with the same excitement she experienced when she came up with Burbloody. “I would love to meet him.” She bites her lip. “But I wouldn’t be allowed to date him. I can’t date until I’m 16.”

Kiernan wins. She just does.


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