Kim and Kanye Are Not Even the Worst Thing On That Vogue Cover

So Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally got that Vogue cover everyone was predicting, and it’s pretty predictable. My first thought was ‘Oh, they’re married already?’ and my second was what I was going to eat for dinner tonight. But then I started to read the words. One of them is “Vogue,” which has just lost 100% of its meaning, so let’s skip that one. There is also the phrase “chic,” which consistently refuses to die, the awkward “selfie-made,” and a reference to “flats,” which is probably slang for those hip Australian coffees blowing up in Brooklyn right now. Then there is a GINORMOUS HASHTAG with which I can’t even more than Kim can’t even:

Except not in a YAAAS way.

Vogue, bro, you don’t need a hashtag on a print mag. It’s more impossible to click than it would be if you Tweeted it out using the correct grammar. And if you really insist, at least use one I can do something funny with in under 140 characters without using Twitlonger. I do think Kim looks beautiful, but it’s just really not a good cover.

At least I’ll be $2.99 richer in April 2014. Or has the cost of Vogue increased since I last bought it in 2003?


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