PHOTOS: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il’s Iconic, Authoritarian Style

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il died of a heart attack this weekend, after being in power of the country his father founded for 17 years. Kim was an enigmatic figure who displayed his power in myriad ways, including sartorially.

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The dictator’s uniform has become iconic, and is considered emblematic of his authoritarian regime. Kim was most often seen in drab olive and khaki leisure suits, a deceptively casual choice that always included zip-up jackets with elastic panels and chest pockets. For more formal occasions, Kim would don a gray suit with a front buttoned, club collared coat.

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In contrast to his taste for restrained clothing, Kim was a fan of flashy eyewear. He wore large wire-rimmed prescription glasses, as well as a rotation of sunglasses that oddly enough wouldn’t be out of place on the faces of Hollywood starlets.

Take a look at Kim Jong-il’s distinctive style below:

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