North Korean Heir Apparent Kim Jong-Un’s Hair Is All The Rage

Because there aren’t enough men’s haircuts named after awful dictators, young dudes in North Korea are starting to get their locks shorn just like Kim Jong-Un, the heir to dictator Kim Jong-Il‘s ill maintained vice grip on the Asian nation.

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Reuters reports that for young male professionals in the country, aping Kim Jong-Un’s hairdo is a way to show that they’re interested in getting ahead — Get your hair did for the job you want, not for the job you have, so to speak. The cut is a lot like the similarly spirited Hitler Youth haircut: short on the sides and long on top, but slicked back and held down with what looks like a large quantity of carefully applied gel.

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But unlike the Hitler Youth haircut, everyone North Korean boy who requests the Kim Jong-Un from his barber is doing so because he actually wants to be like Kim Jong-Un. One newspaper called the cut “captivating,” then added “A young man with (an) ambitious high sided haircut looks so sobering and stylish.”

What’s sobering is that Kim Jong-Un is being groomed (literally and figuratively) to take over his father’s role as supreme leader of the country, and if he’s popular enough for boys to want his haircut now, they’ll be more susceptible to drink his Kool-Aid as long as he and his government keep dishing it out.

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In the wake of Kim Jong-Il’s declining health, Kim Jong-Un has been made a four-star general and has been photographed frequently with his father at official national events. He’s also taken to wearing dark suits in the style of Chinese Communist Party Leader Mao Tse-Tung, who ruled China from 1943 to 1976. If his haircut is all the rage, it won’t be long before those suits are, too.


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