PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Is Now Shilling For Charmin

Just yesterday, Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner announced they were partnering with Sketchers Shape-Ups shoes — you know, those funny looking sneakers that are supposed to (but probably won’t) give you a better butt? — an endorsement which some were concerned might be in conflict with a previous deal she had with Reebok. Then, a few hours later, Kardashian dropped by Times Square for the “5th Annual Charmin Restrooms Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.” While we’re not sure what that means, we do know the chances of inter-endorsement conflict are slim.

Kardashian’s Charmin appearance officially adds toilet paper to the very long list of things the reality star will — for a fee — publicly endorse. As of our last tally, that list includes clothing stores, workout videos, a credit card for kids, perfume, self-tanner, weight-loss supplements, skincare, Carl’s Jr, sneakers, and jewelry.

We can only guess at how much Charmin had to pay Kardashian to show up — let alone wear a form-fitting dress while two oversized bear mascots wore signs that read, “Charmin Restrooms: Enjoy The Go.”


[Images via WENN.]


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