Marie Claire Found Out About Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Via Twitter

It was either the best or worst timing in the world, depending on how you look at it. Marie Claire snagged Kim Kardashian for their December cover, which went to press just hours after news of her divorce went viral.

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When we saw the cover, we briefly questioned whether the issue had been orchestrated to coincide with news of her divorce — a boon for Marie Claire, some serious manipulation on the Kardashians’ behalf, and a pretty messed up thing to do to her fans. But in reality, Marie Claire had about as much notice as we did.

Fashionista writes:

According to a number of anonymous tipsters, Marie Claire found out about Kim’s split the same way we all did: Twitter, Page Six and Perez Hilton. And the features team had only a matter of hours to make changes to the story–a “stop the presses” kind of situation. It didn’t help that in all the cover shots, Kim‘s massive wedding ring was prominently featured, either. Apparently, (and rightfully so) the staff was freaking out over the last minute scrambling and decided to change the headline to make it more ambiguous and add in a few subtle changes to the story to make it more up-to-date.

The abridged version of the story that is currently on their website reflects those updates — as well as what appears to be a few digs, no doubt a response to the last minute scramble the staff went through. For example:

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When asked about the numbers, Kim smiles demurely, “I don’t talk about money.” And yet she, like the rest of her family, talks about virtually everything else, in front of millions of people.

The whirlwind courtship of Kim and Kris raised some eyebrows, including carefully plucked ones within her own family, but Kim is blasé about her rush to the altar.

A sometime stylist, Kim was catapulted to notoriety by a sex tape that was released at what initially seemed to be a disastrous time: when the Kardashians were peddling the idea of a family show.

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Honestly, it’s a little refreshing to read something that breaks from the fawning mold of glossy cover stories — and somewhat suited to Kardashian. As much as we love to read (and, yes, write about her), we too take her with a grain of salt.

[Marie Claire, Fashionista.]

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