Kim Kardashian Visits Kris In Minnesota To Talk Things Out

The Kardashians are going to milk this divorce story for all it’s worth, okay? The latest development: Kim went to Minnesota to talk things out with Kris Humphries.

TMZ has pictures of Kim at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after a commercial flight. Krazy! Even krazier? TV cameras allegedly did not accompany the reality star. Also, apparently the goal of the trip was not reconciliation, but rather closure? And Kim and Kris are meeting with the pastor who married them to discuss “feelings”? Or something?

In slightly more confusing news, TMZ also reports that Kim intends to buy her 20.5-carat engagement ring from Kris. A clause in their prenup states Kim can buy the ring from Kris, which actually makes no sense since without the clause Kim would have legally owned the ring. It’s valued at a reported $2 million, though we’re sure Lorraine Schwartz gave the couple a special deal. That said, we’re even more confused because we were under the (fairly unsubstantiated) impression that Kim bought the ring for herself.

Manufactured melodrama at its finest! Let the circus continue! And so on!


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