America Votes Kim Kardashian The Most Annoying Celebrity

Color us, like, totally shocked, but after seasons of watching her on TV and months of speculation about her slightly tasteless wedding, we’d think America would have warmer feelings toward ubiquitous reality star, designer and retail queen Kim Kardashian. We were wrong.

According to the 2011 Pop Culture Poll conducted by Parade Magazine (the country cousin that Vogue and The New Yorker don’t want to admit is part of the Conde Nast family), Kim is the number one most annoying celebrity in the world. As it turns out, splashing your wealth, beauty and fame across newspapers and television and peppering the blogosphere with pictures of yourself isn’t the best way into the hearts and minds of the world. And what’s even more telling? Kardashian got 29 percent of the most annoying vote, while lady abuser Charlie Sheen got 27 percent.

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The poll’s not all negative, though — Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were voted the coolest couple (um, why not Beyonce and Jay-Z?) and actress Emma Watson was voted Most Likely To Succeed from Harry Potter. But we probably didn’t need a national poll to tell you that.

See who else made the list below:


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