LISTEN: Kim Kardashian Has A New Song!

Kim Kardashian is very possibly the most overexposed pseudocelebfauxcialite (like that term we just made up?) on the planet, and it looks like she’s following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton — that overexposed pseudocelebfauxcialite of yesteryear — by releasing an album.

To be fair, Paris’s “The Stars Are Blind” wasn’t that awful. It was a sugary pop confection that was both fairly listenable and of very little consequence. No harm done. Only time will tell what kind of impact Kim’s song (reportedly called “Turn It Up”) will have, though we’re intrigued that Kanye will star in the video directed by Hype Williams. Maybe Kim’s cornrows were part of her wardrobe for the shoot?

It’s unclear if Kanye raps on the track or just appears in the video, but Kim debuted the single sans Kanye on New Year’s Eve. We have a clip of the performance below (warning: the quality is shoddy). The song sounds sort of catchy and heavily auto-tuned, which means it could actually be a hit. Or something. And if it bombs, at least Kim will always have this musical homage to her “bumblebee” bod.

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