Kim Kardashian And Old Navy Settle Lookalike Lawsuit

Remember when Kim Kardashian sued Old Navy for using a lookalike model in a commercial last year? Well, the case is finally over, and the two parties have settled.

A refresher: Old Navy poked fun at the reality star and her over-the-top lifestyle in a commercial and used a Kardashian lookalike, who was actually Canadian singer Melissa Molinaro. The real Kardashian didn’t laugh, and instead filed a lawsuit against The Gap, who owns Old Navy, for an undisclosed sum. She claimed that the ads would tarnish her reputation. Eye roll.

Well, Old Navy fired back by hiring a hotshot lawyer and dug up some personal and financial dirt on Kardashian. Presumably fearing that the investigation would only drag her name through mud, Kardashian settled. Details of the lawsuit and the amount Kardashian was asking for have not been released, and her camp states:

“The lawsuit was resolved to mutual satisfaction of both parties, but beyond that it’s the only statement we have.”

So there you go.

Here’s the ad that started it all:


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