Kim Kardashian Did the Half-Shaved Hair Look First, Claims Kim Kardashian


I still stand by my claim that Kim Kardashian was the closest thing the punk-themed 2013 Met Gala had to any semblance of a punk moment (if looking weird and pissing off mainstream media are more punk than rocking sexy safety pins, which they probs are.) But don’t think Kimmy was obeying the organizers’ orders. Far from it, in fact.

Turns out Kim’s definitive *alt* metamorphosis came at the tender age of 12. That’s when she beat all you tail-end millennial motherfuckers to the shaved head trend by razoring off her own locks in the bathroom mirror, as she revealed while casually stealing her sister Kylie’s hair thunder on the Teen Choice Awards red carpet last night.

When Kylie revealed to E! that she had shaved the back of head to celebrate her 17th birthday, Kim was quick to interject with a lesson in giving credit where credit is due — specifically, to the OG rebel of the Kardashian Klan:

“I did that haircut when I was 12 years old,” Kim chimed in, “and I was telling her about it how everyone shaves the side of their head, but I said ‘no, the cool thing to do is to shave the whole underneath of your hair and then you put your hair in a ponytail and they see this whole shaved look.”

You know what the internet says though — pics or it didn’t happen. I’m just going to use this and my imagination.

IMG_1226 (1)

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