Kris Humphries Called Kim Kardashian ‘Stupid’ And A ‘Fat Ass’

Ladies and gentlemen, these are what you call fighting words. Rumor has it that the former Mr. Kim Kardashian, basketball player Kris Humphries, disparaged his wife of only 72 days pretty regularly — and to add insult to injury, he may now be suing her in an attempt to hide his less than gentlemanly behavior.

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Both Us Weekly and Page Six have reported that Humphries used some uncharitable adjectives to describe his wife when she wasn’t around, insulting not only her intelligence and her fame, but also her much-discussed body. A source said that Humphries would fly off the handle because Kardashian made more money than he did, which frustrated him. According to the source:

“He tried to control Kim by bringing her down … He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

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If that wasn’t bad enough, the source also says Humphries “belittled her in front of people,” calling her “stupid” and saying she had a “fat ass.”

Perhaps that’s why rumors circulated earlier today suggesting Humphries is suing Kardashian for $10 million, plus a guarantee that his unflattering side won’t be shown on television. Life & Style reported that Humphries has a team of investigators trying to find a way to prevent footage of him bullying Kardashian’s publicist and longtime friend Jonathan Cheban for being gay. And according to the magazine’s source, Cheban totally likes girls.

“Jonathan isn’t gay, but Kris accuses him of being gay and criticizes him for it in a really homophobic way. Jonathan is really upset.”

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Yeah, we’d wanna keep things like that under wraps, too. Of course, Humphries legal success depends on how well his lawyers argue his case — right now their strategy seems to be claiming that he didn’t realize how big a part of the show he would be. Of course, if we didn’t want to anyone to see us bullying a much smaller guy or calling our own wife stupid, we’d probably keep quiet — until the cameras were out of sight.

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