Kristen Stewart Is the Worst (and Therefore Best) Brand Spokesperson Ever

kristen stewart awkward

If you think booking multi-million dollar luxury campaigns is something to smile about, think again. No matter what kind of product she’s pushing, Kristen Stewart will always be reminding you that people suck with the bite of her bottom lip, an angsty scowl, or our personal favorite, an offhand comment. We don’t mean to throw shade. After all, she’s kind of the antithesis of Taylor Swift, which as of the Grammys, is a beautiful thing. It’s just that she perplexes us more and more each time she steps in front of the media. But let’s face it, if her recent booking of a Chanel campaign is any indication, she’s doing something right.

Her latest bout of promo for Balenciaga has us both hanging at every word, and reminiscing about awkward moments of interviews past, so here are 5 instances that will make you both wince, and love her even more:

1. When She Gave Her Worst Balenciaga Interview Ever

The entire 16-minute session, which was supposed to be 30-minutes long, was painful but then….

“My mind isn’t allowing me to go any further with this, I’m intimidated by this question,” Stewart said.

Keep in mind, this was not very long after news of her affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders broke, so we’re cutting her a little more slack than usual.

2. When She Admitted to Actually Liking Florabotanica

kristen stewart hair gif

The interview begins with one of Stewart’s assistants grabbing a piece of fuzz stuck in her hair. At which point she turns to her interview and mock-yells, “Thanks a lot! You weren’t going to tell me it was there?” If this were Jennifer Lawrence, we’d be all over it, but picturing this interaction makes us cringe with discomfort.

At another point during the interview — which touches on Proactiv, cornrows, and other such things — The Cut asks, “What has surprised you about scent?” to which she answers, “Probably that I like it?” Answering with a question is never really a great idea, but that’s obviously not the worst part about this response.

3. When She Essentially Called Balenciaga Unwearable (For Most)

balenciaga GIF

While Stewart comes off as remarkably likable while dishing to ITG, she’s not exactly selling us on Balenciaga.

“Everything Balenciaga makes is beautiful; watching their runway shows is like watching a movie. But wearing it is not the easiest thing. It’s tough to integrate that type of thing into your life. But when you can do it—wear something unexpected, with your personal style—it’s incredibly badass.”

For the most part, campaign stars are chosen based on who will make a fashion brand the most money. She may be saying what most are afraid to, but as a spokesperson, she should just refrain from saying anything negative — or maybe just anything?

4. When She Was the Most Miserable New Face of Chanel Ever

kristen stewart chanel

Hitting a Chanel show as news breaks that you’re their new campaign star sounds like a dream to us, but for Stewart, it’s no reason to look excited or anything.

5. When We Could Feel the Tension Just By Reading Her Interview with

I suppose both are a rare indulgence for all of us.
If you think about it and you’re feeling kinda rough, if you just give yourself a nice week of treating yourself really well, you’ll look better. This is so lame—my answers are ridiculous right now — but if you’re happy, you look better. If you stay positive—negative people just walk around and…

Yep, nobody likes a negative Nancy.
The only reason I’m saying this is because I genuinely don’t have these beauty tips, but I try not to wash my hair so much because it gets dry. And that’s about it.

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