Kristen Stewart Steals All Chanel’s Thunder With Bangin’ Rave Nymph Haircut


I guess there’s always the danger of this happening when you have as many young, hot, stylish BFFs as Karl Lagerfeld does, but Kristen Stewart just upstaged all the models at Chanel’s couture show in Paris today with a short, choppy, rave nymph haircut.

Normally I’d probably have something to say about the granny pants and sheer bloomers she’s wearing, but apparently when you look like the lovechild of a divine being and Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element you can pull off basically anything. Even sheer bloomers. The oddball chic combo of color palette, abundant neck bling, and lack of clothes that your mother might recognize as such is a little reminiscent of the Havisham chic getup Rihanna wore to the same show last year. And while logical fear prevents me from saying who wore it better, I have put the two pictures side by side below for your consideration.


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